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Ateş's Dance
Özer Baysaling
Cinius Yayınları / Anı

In this book, Özer Baysaling not only tells about his life, lived to the fullest, but also about an adventure full of love, passion, sports, ventures and energy, while he takes us in his path through his marriage, the years of poverty and all the way to his attorneyship, as he includes the old Istanbul, historic places, travels around the World, burning desires, great loves and his stormy life with the famous dancer Nejla Ateş…
He tries to serve as a model to cancer patients and those who are in suffering, by giving them hope and courage through the cancer experiences of Nejla, of himself and his current wife.
Especially his years with the famous dance star Nejla Ateş build up a drama that will knock the spots off the world-famous novel, The Lady of the Camellias.
On the other hand, he also revives the memories of Nejla Ateş' 14 years of refulgent life on stage in the United States, especially during America's golden era between 1951 and 1965. It is almost a documentary for Americans.
In addition to memories, this book is a sincere self-criticism that forms a synthesis for life and it is exemplary. It is the symbol of women's superior powers. It will take readers from all ages onto a fantastic journey.
As memories come flooding back, one is filled with a bitter pains or sweet joys. As you read on, you will be moved and you will find yourself taking a trip to your fantasy world of past times, as your memories unwind like braids.
This is a multi-faceted book that will prove to be exemplary and useful in many ways.

Etiket 45,00 TL | %40 indirim 18,00 TL | Cinius Kitap'ta 27,00 TL

Sayfa: 323
Hamur: 2. hamur
ISBN: 9786057640888
Boyut: 14x21 cm
Baskı Tarihi: Haziran 2019
Özgün Dili: İngilizce

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